📝 How to create a Ticket
作成日: 2021/05/24


  • Ticketnote is a free service to record and share your programming learning.
  • Anyone with a Google account can sign up for this service.
    • Please click here for the account registration procedure.

Create ticket

  • After completing your account registration, click "New Ticket" button in the header of My Page.

  • Clicking on it will take you to the following creation screen.

    • Click in the red frame to set "emoji" that will be the headline image of the ticket.
    • The title and body text are required, so enter them.
    • The body text can be entered using markdown. And up to 5 categories can be registered.

  • Creation screen after input

    • Click on the "Create" button at the bottom left to create a ticket.
  • If the ticket is successfully created, you will be redirected to the ticket details page.

  • In My Page, the tickets you have created will be stacked. Please use it to look back on your work.

This completes the ticket creation process for Ticketnote.

Well then, enjoy your comfortable Ticketnote life!! 👋